Sustainability means responsible management, which involves special care of the product quality and health of its consumers, considerate treatment of environment and natural resources, taking care of the employees of the company and society in general. Sustainable thinking allows us to take care of preserving our environment for future generations and at the same time raising our life standard.

Orkla companies in the entire world, including us – Orkla Latvija – will work in a more sustainable manner. Orkla Sustainability strategy has been developed for this purpose, involving five fields of activity or categories, to which we pay greatest attention in our work:

Nutrition & Wellness
Safe products
Sustainable sourcing
Environmental engagement
Care for people and society

In each of these categories we are determined to achieve specific sustainability goals by 2025. These will be accomplished gradually, therefore we have set for ourselves the first tasks for the coming three years (2019–2021) and have started to work on implementing these. We are convinced that we possess responsibility and professional skills to work sustainably and achieve our goals.


By implementing the Orkla Sustainability strategy, we have established five working groups in our company, divided the tasks and set individual sustainability targets for 2019–2021 in each of the five defined categories. Performance of many tasks will require dedicated long-term work, but we have succeeded in achieving certain progress in several directions already.